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Soil Exploration

Hundreds of Exploration Projects Annually

Earth Engineering Consultants LLC's engineers work on over 300 exploration projects each year. EEC provides geotechnical engineering services for a spectrum of building projects including:

  • Commercial development and buildings

  • Detention ponds

  • Electrical towers

  • Industrial parks

  • Radio towers

  • Roads and bridges

  • Schools

  • Slope stability

  • Subdivisions

  • Water holding towers

  • Dam Design

Geotechnical Recommendations and Analyses

EEC Routinely provides geotechnical engineering recommendations / analyses including:

  • Deep foundation - caisson, helical piers, friction piers

  • Geologic investigations

  • Pavement thickness design - asphalt and concrete

  • Shallow foundation - spread footing

  • Slope stability analysis

  • Soil parameters - R values, internal friction angle, coefficient of permeability

  • Soil stabilization

  • Swelling soils

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