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Slope Stability / Soil Modeling

Modeling of Your Site Conditions

Our geotechnical engineers at Earth Engineering Consultants LLC often model scenarios which affect or are affected by geotechnical conditions and mechanics of materials. Soil modeling at EEC is carried out primarily using the software provided by Geostudio and Geo-Slope International Ltd, as well as our experience with soil mechanics and mechanics of materials.


Modeling of site conditions provides us the opportunity to develop practical solutions to many geotechnical problems.

Benefits of Soil Modeling

Modeling can include evaluation of slope stability, seepage analysis, and stress deformations. Those analyses can be carried out both at steady-state or transient conditions.


At EEC, we are experienced with the evaluation of large embankments, jurisdictional dams, retaining walls, bearing capacity for foundation design of heavy and critical structures, seismic analysis, settlement of foundations, stage construction of embankments, stage loading of foundations and groundwater flow.

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